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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness

As a Sports Medicine Fitness Specialist, Master Trainer, Elite Trainer, Fitness Coach and holder of over 14 Subspecialties in advanced fitness, recovery, and corrective exercise for more than 20 years, I want to bring my patience and love of fitness and wellness to each patient and client encounter. The most important tool in preventing injury and fighting disease and promoting healthy living is the trainer-client/patient relationship. Spending quality time with patients should be a necessity, not a luxury. In today’s challenging fitness environment where time is becoming increasingly scarce, I can give my patients and clients the personalized care and service they need and deserve. Making time for you and putting you first are top priorities in my practice of Sports Medicine and Fitness.

After a 1×1 Kick Off call, The Virtual Fitness Plan provides updated programming to ensure each client is improving and having their questions and concerns answered. It also provides a monthly self-care fitness program via the Fusionetics APP that will have an individualized fitness plan for each client’s needs and compensations and help develop fitness levels and overall health progressively through the year. BodyMap is also a new and innovative design that helps the user identify and correct improper body mechanics and poor movement.

Experience the best technology in the fitness business while training with the most qualified and dedicated professional in the business.

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Virtual Fitness Memberships