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I was fortunate to find John back in 2015. After my RNY, I successfully lost some weight through eating habits alone, but I knew I needed to focus on building strength, stamina, and fall in love with exercise if I was ever to maintain my newfound health. With John’s energetic personality and expertise, I was able to lose weight and gain muscle definition I never dreamed of accomplishing before. It was not simply John’s strong training skills that helped me; every session I was met with his positive attitude and he never pushed me beyond my psychological limits. As a person who had been obese most of her life, I never loved exercise and avoided gyms. John’s sense of light heartedness and balance were crucial to building motivation and endurance. Moreover, John understood the unique challenges I was experiencing due to my weight loss surgery, such as numerous skin removal recoveries as well as a painful hernia repair. He helped me bounce back and keep recovering every time. I look forward to continuing my work with him with new goals—I know that he will never stop learning to new ways to help his clients.

Ann Tomaney

My journey with John started about 10 months ago. With two herniated lower back discs I was barely being able to walk more than 100 yards. The pain I was feeling was excruciating and demoralizing. Just when I thought back surgery was my only alternative, I was encouraged by a friend to reach out to John. My results have been incredible. I work out with John 3x’s per week. I walk or hike 5 miles 2-3x’s per week. Thanks to John and his knowledge of the body and mind connection, I’m back and still improving. John knows what to say, when to say it, and IF to say it; this is what differentiates John and keeps his clients moving forward. There is no other John Stewart. This review is meant for anyone on the fence and struggling with pain or weight management. I’ve also lost weight and my workouts/outdoor experiences have been amazing. Cheers!

Jerry Pujals, Homestead Realestate

I highly recommend John Stewart.

Before meeting John, I had already seen multiple physical therapists for numerous sessions all for the severe pain to return. John was able to not only relieve the pain from my injury but also train me to not have it return and get into top physical fitness. John is extremely knowledgeable and personable, making a difficult process enjoyable!

Anita Stevens

I can’t say enough good things about John Stewart and his rehabilitation and fitness therapy in our case. My husband, who suffered 3 strokes, and contracted deadly pneumonia, nearly died last year, coming home from the hospital on Hospice, and was told he would never live without supplemental oxygen. Although we received excellent care from Hospice, it was John who worked with my husband 2-3 days each week, under what appeared to be hopeless circumstances and within 8 months, my husband was up, walking, driving a backhoe and completely released from using any form of supplemental oxygen.

Since that time, we have both being receiving long term rehabilitation therapy from John, as I also was virtually bed bound for almost 4 years, due to a surgical injury. Now I am up and about and was even strong enough to take a flight to Nevada recently.

John is skilled in all things physical and has helped both of us more than I could say in just a couple of sentences. We would both recommend him without reservations to anyone would seriously wants to improve their physical health.

Dixie & Lonnie