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All Monthly paid memberships require first and last month’s dues paid up front.

Enrollment Ongoing Dues
Monthly $50.00 $50.00 Contact Us
12 Month $0.00 $40.00 Contact Us
EnrollmentOngoing DuesDue Today
1 Year$0.00$0.00$400.00Sign Up
6 Month$50.00$0.00$350.00Sign Up
3 Month$50.00$0.00$230.00Sign Up
1 Month$50.00$0.00$115.00Sign Up


*Note: Monthly memberships MUST be paid by debit card, credit card, or through ACH payments and are non-refundable. All monthly paid plans require a 30-day cancellation notice prior to member’s regular billing date. An early cancellation fee of $50 applies to 12-month commitments. The $50 enrollment fee is not refundable.   Written notice is required to cancel all memberships.